"Global Democracy and the ICANN Elections"
 Special Issue of the Journal info. 

The seven articles in this issue focus on the global elections held in 2000 for the governing board of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The authors examine the election from such diverse theoretical perspective as democratic theory, social movements, communications governance, global democracy, and Asian development.

Hans Klein
, Georgia Institute of Technology, Editor's Introduction: "Global Democracy and the ICANN Elections"
Wolfgang Kleinwächter, University of Aarhus (Denmark), "The Silent Subversive: ICANN and the New Global Governance"
Stephen D. McDowell and Philip E. Steinberg, Florida State University, "Non-state Governance and the Internet: Civil Society and the ICANN"
Renée Marlin-Bennett, American University, "ICANN and Democracy: Contradictions and Possibilities"
Jonathan Weinberg, Wayne State University, "Geeks and Greeks"
Hans Klein, Georgia Institute of Technology, "The Feasibility of Global Democracy: Understanding ICANN's At-large Election"
Myungkoo Kang, Seoul National University, Beyond Underdevelopment of the Public Sphere: Democratizing Internet Governance in Asia"

 Review by Prof. Robert O. Keohane of Duke University 
"I am very grateful to Georgia Tech for sending me the special issue of INFO on internet democracy, and now that I have finally read it, very impressed by its contents. You are to be congratulated for one of the most thoughtful (and varied) treatments of this subject that I have seen. My interests are broadly on questions of global governance, rather than technology specifically; it was good to see the ICANN issue discussed so well in terms of political theory."


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