The Georgia Tech School of Public Policy Presents:
Kick-off Event for the Spring Internet Speaker Series

US Congressman Bob Barr speaks about Civil Liberties in Cyberspace 

Atlanta, GA, February 15, 2002 - U.S. Congressman Bob Barr launched this spring's Internet Speaker Series at the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy. Congressman Barr is a long-time advocate for citizens' rights to online privacy. His talk was based on his experiences with the Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency and addressed responsible governance of the Internet.

The talk was held at the Georgia Centers for Advanced Technology and Telecommunications (, 250 14th St., Atlanta, main auditorium [Directions]

This event was sponsored by:
· Georgia Tech
School of Public Policy
· Georgia Centers for Advanced Tlecommunications Technology (
GCATT), Office of Technology Policy
· Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC)
· Georgia Tech Office of the Provost
· The Internet Policy Application and Research Institute
· Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (
· Internet Democracy Project (

This event coincided with the IP3's Internet and Public Policy workshop, to be held on the same day. (For more information, see

The Speaker Series is a monthly event hosted by the Internet and Public Policy Project (IP3). The Series brings luminaries and veterans of public policy to Georgia Tech to promote discussion and debate of cutting-edge Internet issues.

About IP3: The Internet and Public Policy Project (IP3) provides a framework to coordinate Internet policy-related research in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech. It promotes dialogue between researchers within and outside the Institute, offering forums for debate and discussion. IP3 connects the academic research community with the policy practitioner community.

Media contact:
Dr. Hans Klein