Fall 2002 Internet Speaker Series

Friday, November 1, noon, DM Smith Rm. 303
Transnational Collective Action and the Globalization of Information and Communication Policy
by Milton Mueller, Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
This talk will examine the emerging role of global social movements around communication policy.

Wednesday, November 13 , 4 PM, DM Smith Rm. 203
Academic Balance on the Fulcrum of Intellectual Property Policy
by Ty Herrington, Associate Professor, School of Literature, Culture and Communications, Georgia Tech
This talk will provide analysis of academics' special rights and responsibilities created by the US Constitution's intellectual property policy.

Monday, November 18, noon, DM Smith Rm. 203
Creating Regulatory Frameworks for the Internet in Developing Countries
by George Sadowsky, Director, Internet Society Executive Director, Global Internet Policy Inititiative

Wednesday, Dec. 4, DM Smith Rm. 203
Scientific Information and the Internet: A Faustian Bargain?
by Mark McCabe, Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Georgia Tech
This talk will consider the costs and benefits of the transition from print to digital distribution of scientific journals.

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